EuruFly Limited


EuruFly is a decentralized platform providing the faster hiring of private jets and helicopters, cheaper fares, mileage points convertible to monetary value, digital assets/cryptocurrency and streamlined aviation operations.

About this project

Token sale: Sep 01 — Nov 30
Total supply: 50,000,000 EUR
Available for sale: 96.97%
Accepting: USD, BTC and Altcoins
KYC required only for receiving tokens


September 01, 04:26 PM - September 08, 04:26 PM
Sold out

Token price: 0.13 USD - 0.15 USD

Min purchase: 0.2 USD

Up to 1,000 USD 35% bonus tokens

1,000 USD - 5,000 USD 40% bonus tokens

5,000 USD - 10,000 USD 45% bonus tokens

From 10,000 USD 50% bonus tokens

Private Pre-sale

September 09, 11:01 AM - September 30, 11:01 AM
Sold out

Stage goal: sell 10,000,000 EUR

Min purchase: 0.2 USD

Bonus 30% bonus tokens

Public Pre-sale

October 01, 11:03 AM - October 30, 11:03 AM
Sold out

Stage goal: sell 25,000,000 EUR

Min purchase: 0.2 USD

Bonus 25% bonus tokens

Main Sale

October 31, 11:06 AM - November 30, 11:06 AM
Sold out

Stage goal: sell 15,000,000 EUR

Min purchase: 0.2 USD

Bonus 20% bonus tokens

About EuruFly Limited

EuruFly is a transport networking company that operates globally with a special focus on the emerging markets. The Platform, which is available on web/mobile devices, clients are empowered with a quicker decision-making process when purchasing luxury transportation services, unfertilized fleets will thrive on the platform increase profitability, access to more clients and empty legs can be access easily through EuruFly App resulting to cost efficiency to the clients. 
Pilots also benefit from EuruFly’s infrastructure through the platforms ability to directly connect them to clients without the need for an intermediary and blockchain for maintaining records for plane parts. 
EuruFly Tokens will be used for payment on Eurufly App, B2B/B2C platform fostering cross-border payments. Interestingly, the proliferation of Blockchain Technology allows for Frequent Flyer Points (FFP’s) to evolve into a cleaner, more dynamic tokenized ecosystem for both the passengers that use them and the carriers that provide them. 
For clients, EuruFly provides a proof-of-travel token that unlike any other rewards system in the world, is exchangeable for other digital assets and/or cash. For carriers, EuruFly is able to greatly reduce the administrative, accounting, and technological burden of managing a highly complex, centralized points system. 
When coupled with the other core EuruFly features, both passengers and carriers are able to create an entirely new market in which points are procured, distributed, arbitrated, traded, and leveraged.
EuruFly token opens the possibility of post-flight capitalization models; where assets agreements can freely flow between hospitality, credit, and terrestrial transport partners. EuruFly Ecosystem is designed to keep creating sustainable value. 

303,179.54 USD

1.52% of 20,000,000 USD by 14 investors

ICO stage